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About Alively

Alively is a mobile platform for privately broadcasting, recording and sharing everyday moments while in the moment. Real moments that go beyond the highlight reel. Moments that people in our lives wouldn't want to miss. Shared moments, in real time. We think the best way to do that is through high quality, privately shared live video, so friends can share and experience that moment with you as if they're there.

Alively makes capturing and sharing video easy by taking you right into your camera and letting you pre-select a friend or group of friends who you want to share with before you start capturing it. You can also start recording instantly and add friends to share with as you're recording. Only people you shared with can watch live and comment to participate in that moment with you as it's happening or they can catch the video later. And you no longer need to worry about freeing up space on your phone to record video because we upload the video and store it securely in the cloud without taking up any space on your phone.